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        2. 面向世界科技前沿,面向國家重大需求,面向國民經濟主戰場,率先實現科學技術跨越發展,率先建成國家創新人才高地,率先建成國家高水平科技智庫,率先建設國際一流科研機構。


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          China inches closer to FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2021 title


          AMMAN, Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- The top-ranked Chinese team is inching closer to the FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2021 after a stunning 93-69 victory over South Korea Saturday.

          The Chinese team is just one win away from completing its mission in Jordan's Amman facing defending champion Japan in Sunday's final.

          Right from the beginning of the game, the towering Chinese players showed impressive performance. At half time, China has out-rebounded South Korea by 32-10, which was the game's brief story.

          The team's center player Li Yueru was the top performer who completed a double-double of 20 points and 12 rebounds during the game. Huang Sijing also posted another excellent game with 16 points, five rebounds, and three assists.

          The Chinese team is now in full gear for facing Japan with high morale following straight wins, where the team showcased their teamwork, strength, and depth.

          Japan has made its way to the title game following a tight win over Australia 67-65.

          Also Saturday, in the classification game of 5-6, New Zealand beat Chinese Taipei 74-59. Enditem

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