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          Pachuca names Uruguayan Almada as head coach


          MEXICO CITY, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Mexico's Pachuca has appointed Uruguayan Guillermo Almada as manager for the 2022 season, the Liga MX club said on Thursday.

          The 55-year-old replaces countryman Paulo Pezzolano, who was sacked last month after the club failed to make the Liga MX Apertura playoffs.

          "I come to this great institution with dedication and commitment to strive for the best, which is nothing less than this club deserves," Pezzolano said in a video published by Pachuca on social media.

          The announcement came just three days after Almada was sacked by Pachuca's Liga MX rivals Santos Laguna.

          The 2022 Mexican top flight season is scheduled to begin on January 7 with the opening match day of the Liga MX Clausura tournament. Enditem

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